Thank you for your interest in In light of the current Covid-19 crisis we’ve sped up development of the XYZ EXCHANGE, a new B2B platform that will facilitate SMEs producing small quantities of production by utilising digital design and manufacturing solutions. In addition to making the platform available to independent brands ahead of scheduled time, we’ve added an additional aspect, the, which allows us to offer exclusive deals and solutions to students in their final year BA or MA.

Please complete the following short form to apply for a free student account and we will contact you shortly once we have confirmed your details and created an account for you.

Here at XYZ EXCHANGE we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to provide the products and services that you request. In this form, the contact information provided will be used to generate your unique login to join the XYZ EXCHANGE platform. It is important that you provide your university academic email address as this proves to us that you are a student. We will securely store this data for as long as you have an open account with the XYZ EXCHANGE and you can change this at any point by contacting We respect your trust and protect your privacy, and therefore will never sell this data to any third parties. If you have any questions or change your mind, you can email us at at any time.